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On April 8th morning, along with a "rumble" roar, NHI "Cooperation 2" Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM for short) started tunneling at the 17m underground construction site of Culture West Road Station of metro line 10. Compared with other TBM, this TBM made by NHI is more humane with reasonable spatial distribution and its cutter parameters are more suitable for Shenyang soil. "Cooperation 2" TBM complete the installation of 20 ring segments within 24 hours.
Recently, the 16th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition was grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. NHI adheres to the company development strategy of "Transformation & Upgrade" and "Grand key equipment manufacturing, high end EPC service", and constantly enhances the technological innovation level and systems integration capability. With the theme of "Practice, Oligocene, Seeing the future", NHI successfully exhibited high-end, energy saving and high efficient YLC-2800 fracturing truck and omni-compatible intelligent YBC-32 data van, causing the industry's attention.
The design and research institute of NHI starts the development of 70 mn blade hot-pressing molding press, based on the High quality water turbine blade projects of SHENYANG RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF FOUNDRY.
ecently, the transfixion of the section 6 of north extension line for Shenyang metro line 2 has been finished smoothly, which is manufactured by NHI. It adopts the Φ 6.28m Earth-pressure balance TBM, and the total tunneling mileage is 1502m.
Report from our correspondent recently, NHI achieves the qualification for the bid of NO.1.5 continuous stripping system for technological upgrading projects, in the bid-opening meeting for the purchasing and installing project of Mengdong energy south open-pit mine belt conveyor of China Power Investment Corporation. (Zhang Jinming)
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